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Landing Page for Fossey’s Whisky

Fosseys Whisky Website Design by Creative Krew Mildura Website Designer


Fossey’s Whiksy is the newest addition to the gin lineup from Fossey’s Gin. To launch the new whisky line there needed to be a website, that engaged the visitors and simplified the shopping experience.


  • Unique Web Design
  • eCommerce Store

Problems Faced

The problem we initially faced was the strict deadline of around 4 days before the launch of the Fossey’s Whisky. Although the deadline was tight we had a plan in place to ensure that deadline was met.

Perceived & Delivered

  • To deliver a website on-time required a one-page website with limited content
  • The design had to be sleek, dark simple
  • Purchasing had to be simple
Fossey's Gin - Mobile Web Design by Creative Krew Mildura
Thank you to Daniel from Creative Krew for such amazing service and prompt completion of tasks with the highest quality of result! Communication was fantastic and cannot recommend Creative Krew enough!

Cherie Gowers

Manager - Fossey's Gin