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MyoSports specialises in Clinical Myotherapy, Remedial Massage and Sports Therapies. To assist with the overall health and wellbeing in the treatment of sporting, occupational, recreational and lifestyle conditions.


  • Unique Web Design
  • Online Store
  • Booking System Integration

Problems Faced

The original website was very out-dated and lacking a lot of new services, content and imagery. To solve this we revised the website pages to better depict the services offered by MYO Sports. New website content was also created to allow visitors to better understand what each service is and how to make a booking with the team at MYO Sports. New imagery was also needed to showcase the friendly staff and professional services they provide, while before there were a couple photos but nothing to use moving forward with.

Perceived & Delivered

  • The website design was given a complete overhaul, the design refresh allowed us to give the brand a brighter and more up-beat feel.
  • Photos involving people were used to help show the web visitor a friendly and inviting atmosphere.
  • Photos involving people were used to help show the web visitor a friendly and inviting atmosphere.

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Romany Bowen

Owner - MYO Sports

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